Welcome to the hub of all things here at 'The Healthy Life'!If you have bad knees, or just wanting to improve your health through sustainable lifestyle changes - that's what I'm here for! 

Dig into the resources and workouts below and contact me if you need more help. xx Fi

FREE 5 Day Mini Backyard Blitz!

FREE 5 Day Mini Backyard Blitz!

In The Backyard Bootcamp (and Mini-Blitz), we do things a little differently...
You're encouraged to get outside and use your yard, or park, beach, footpath, or even that grassy patch at the neighbours house (but maybe ask them first! Haha). 

It's about enjoying the fresh air on your face, listening to the wind in the trees or the birds. And it's about having space to move your body!

However, I also understand that weather and life happens, so you can adapt the workouts to be indoors too if you need to. No stress.

This challenge has been designed to kickstart your fitness.

To show you that moving your body can be fun and enjoyable.
And to (fingers crossed) give you a platform to start adding exercise in as your regular thing that you just do.

Not something that you have to force yourself into, but you do knowing you enjoy it, that it gives you freedom, confidence and the ability to have a full life with your children and family.
The people that mean the most to you.  

Inside, you'll find five workouts that are released daily, plus a couple of cool bonuses. 

Get started now!

9 Modules

Quick Welcome!

Before you get started (yes, yes, I know you just want to get to the first workout!), please take 5 minutes to watch this video and you'll hear how the next 5 days are going to happen. 

THEN you can get out into your backyard. 



The 10 Weight Loss 'Rules' download.

The essential elements to keep to if you're trying to lose weight!

Plus a little something extra...

Sleep Bonus!

We all know that food and exercise are important for feeling vibrant and for losing or maintaining our bodyweight. 

But people often forget how important sleep is too and can be the missing piece of the puzzle for many if they are struggling.

Take the quiz inside, then use the worksheet to start improving your sleep and sleep quality!

Your final reward!

Give yourself a double air high-five... you made it to the end!

Now come inside and see what I have waiting for you...

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