The Backyard Bootcamp

The Backyard Bootcamp

To read EXACTLY what the Backyard Bootcamp is and what you can gain when you join, head here for the complete details. 

But briefly....



Join Fi live at 6.10am on any of the weekday mornings that suit you, for a 25-30 minute effective workout.
Some basic fitness equipment will be used, but you can get started with nothing and Fi will still have those muscles working hard!
Discover how these short workouts can quickly increase your strength, your overall fitness and your mental well-being, even if you haven't exercised in a really long time.

Live Workouts Include:

  • Bodyweight workouts; the place to start if you've been inactive for a longer period of time. The quickest way to get started, using no equipment and just your body. We also use basic household items like a chair or a book for more variety and targeting different muscles.
  • Resistance band workouts; the easiest way to start adding more resistance in order to build up your strength. With mini loop bands, or stronger fabric 'booty bands', your muscles are challenged to the next level. No band? No problem - grab a bath towel instead!
  • Dumbbell workouts; the fastest way to continue to safely build strength. Using one or two sets of dumbbells, you will take your strength to the next level. Not ready to invest in dumbbells just yet? Grab two drink bottles or cans from the pantry and Fi will expertly show you how to make them feel like they weigh 10kgs each!
  • Kettlebell workouts; the single most effective way to really step up your training, challenging both your muscles and your lunges. Learn correct techniques and add this 'functional' style of workout to your routine! No kettlebell yet? Grab a dumbbell, or even a backpack with some added weight and you'll be ready to go!
  • Timetable; Each morning we start at 6.10am and the workout is just 25-30 minutes long. Tuesday and Thursday mornings is low-impact (no jumping exercises). But all other mornings, be prepared for any equipment! The art of surprise is what keeps previous clients coming back instead of talking themselves out of it - before we even get started!


Upon joining, gain immediate access to all the Vaults! These contain previous bootcamp workouts, with over 150x 45 minute sessions!
So that if you miss a live workout, or want to add extra into your week (or weekend!), you can simply hit 'play' on a recording and get going.
Plus, the vaults contain so much more...

The Vaults Include:

  • The Bodyweight Vault; 45 minute workouts using only your bodyweight.
  • The Kettlebell Vault; 45 minute workouts using a kettlebell for challenging your muscles even further.
  • The Lockdown 4.0 Vault; 45 minute bodyweight workouts recorded during Auckland's 2021 extended lockdown.
  • The Lockdown Vault; 45 minute bodyweight workouts recorded during New Zealand's 2020 lockdowns.
  • The Lockdown Kettlebell Vault; 45 minute kettlebell workouts recorded during New Zealand's 2020 and 2021
  • The Slam Ball Vault; 45 minute slamball workouts for a dynamic workout to add to your routine.
  • Deep Core Muscles; a detailed vault on recognising if you have separated abdominal muscles from pregnancy - and what exercises to do to both heal and strengthen your abs.
  • Simple circuits; short 10 minute circuits to complete if you're stretched for time. Or, do more rounds if you prefer!
  • Partner workouts; got a friend or partner who you want to get outdoors and exercise with? These guided workouts are perfect to get the two of you laughing and sweating together, where you definitely need that second person to help you along!
  • Fitness testing; simple tests you can do in your own time, to determine your starting fitness point. Then retest along your journey to 'measure your success' in how your body is improving in ways beyond societies standards.
  • The 'Recovery Vault; the gentle guided stretching routines for after your workout.

Plus, there's more!

You’re not just getting the workouts - I’m giving you everything you need to
transform the way you eat so that you can change from the inside out, transform the way you think so that you can stop fearing self-sabotage and 'falling off the wagon', & a supportive community focused on your personal success, TOO!

Monthly Live Nutrition & Mindset Workshops

Hold up!

This is not what you're probably thinking...diets and weight-loss... am I right??

None of that in my world - at least not any more!

These monthly calls are going to work on your relationship with food, your body and your mind.

It's about making space to fill our bodies with what leaves us pumped with energy and fuels our tanks so that we continue to grow stronger and preserve our muscle mass. Not about counting, measuring, or restricting.

(If losing weight (or bodyfat as it were) is a goal of yours, then adopting what you will learn in these workshops is going to likely help you. BUT, this is not the aim of the workshops. 💚)

We need real-world, simplified strategies, so that you can stop worrying about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and if we're doing it the right/best way - and therefore create a new way of being with food.
And in turn, your body image and your mind.

Look at it this way...

Why is it that we know what we 'should' be doing, but we just don't do it? We know we 'should' eat more vegetables. Exercise consistently. Aim for a good night's sleep. And stress less.

And yet, time and time again we find ourselves repeating the exact things we said we were going to stop! Or... not starting the things we said we were going to start!

At the crux of it - it's what's going on between your ears.
In your brain.

This is an essential piece that is missing from most other fitness programs, that will keep you moving forward - especially on the days when you just don't want to!

So on these calls, we're going to rewrite the habits of old, with new nutrition and mindset habits and 'ways of thinking and being' that are completely sustainable for life . You'll have a new appreciation and love for yourself and your body. And you'll find yourself never thinking you'll never have to 'start again on Monday'!

These are the key skills I have personally used to overcome an eating disorder -and so, so, so much more!

One Monday per month at 8pm (New Zealand Time)

And there is EVEN MORE! 

Head here to find out exactly what....

21 Modules

Getting Started

Welcome to The Backyard Bootcamp !

Jump in here to see where to get this ball rolling so that you know exactly how it works around here...

30 Min Bodyweight Vault

Find all the recordings of our weekday bodyweight workouts here.

30 Min Kettlebell Vault

Find all the recordings of our weekday kettlebell workouts here.

Dumbbell Vault

Find all the recordings of our weekday dumbbell workouts here.

Resistance Band Vault

Find all the recordings of our weekday resistance and booty band workouts here.

Lockdown 4.0 Vault

Workouts from the 2021 Lockdown! 

Deep Core Muscles

STOP! Before you go on and look at anything else, I HIGHLY advise you to watch these video lessons and make sure you know how to turn on your core muscles.


Simple Circuits

Unlock these simple circuits by completing your workouts above!

These are designed with microbands and/or booty bands. 

Warm ups

Here are some warm up ideas for before you get into your main workout!

Partner Workouts

Top partner workouts to get your friends and family involved and to keep your own motivation up!

Plus, nothing like a bit of friendly competition to up your workout game. ;-)

Recovery Vault

It's probably not going to come as a surprise to you, that you're going to be sore.
In the beginning especially! 
Learn what you can do to minimise this inside...

Modules for this program 21
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