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The Protein Workshop

The Protein Workshop

If you were brought up on the 'standard Western diet' like me....

Cereal for breakfast.
Sandwiches for lunch.
Fruit, biscuits, baking for snacks.
Then meat and three veg for dinner.
Oh and dessert of either Mums puddings or more cereal (hey, that's a normal dessert right!?)....

And then have roughly continued to eat this way, because hey, it's routine, habit, what everyone else does and above all - easy! Then this workshop is for YOU!

It took me too many years to learn that how I'd been programmed to eat each day, was directly impacting my energy (or lack thereof), even though I believed I ate pretty healthy!

It was the reason I was always reaching for sugar.
For snacks.
For becoming a wee 'Pacman' in the pantry and fridge each afternoon! :V

Join me on this workshop replay and learn how to make the simple tweaks to your diet (not an overhaul!) that will give you too, an abundance of energy so that you can feel freaking awesome each day - every day.

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The Protein Workshop

The video replay of our Live Protein Workshop!

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