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Inside, is a series of 3 minute workouts, that will have you shaping your muscles, burning the fat and increasing your metabolism - that you can do in the office!

But... you do NOT need to change into your activewear, nor are you going to work up a sweat - so you can do them throughout your working day! 

Instead of zoning out for three minutes on social media, put those three minutes to good use and get your daily workout in...

The most important thing is, that you'll be building up a habit of moving your body. Your brain will start to rewire - telling you that you are now someone who exercises regularly. 

Then the magic happens... then you want to move your body each day! And before you know it, 3 minutes has become 6, then 9 then... you get the idea!

You are now someone who effortlessly exercises as part of their lifestyle. If you do just five of these micro-workouts in your working day, you've done 15 minutes of effective exercise! 

You gotta start somewhere. 

And with 3 with Fi Office Edition, you can get started with that habit, in just 3 minutes a day. 

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Desk Series

11 Lessons

Workouts that you can do at your desk!

No leaving the office, get your 3 minutes in without leaving your chair...

Moving Series

4 Lessons

Workouts that require some space to move.

Do them in your office, or get outdoors to your local park!

Skirt Series

6 Lessons

Workouts that can be done in a skirt or dress!

Stairwell Series

7 Lessons

Workouts that you can do in a stairwell. 

Get up out of your chair and take a 3 minute breather at the stairs. 

Standing Series

5 Lessons

These workouts are going to need you up and off your chair and starting from a standing position. 

Wall Series

3 Lessons

Workouts that you can do up against a wall!

Facebook Live

3 Lessons

Daily 3 minute videos from Facebook.