Welcome to the hub of all things here at 'The Healthy Life'!If you have bad knees, or just wanting to improve your health through sustainable lifestyle changes - that's what I'm here for! 

Dig into the resources and workouts below and contact me if you need more help. xx Fi

FREE Bad Knees Mini-Workout Series

FREE Bad Knees Mini-Workout Series

Here at the Bad Knees, we know that everyone's knee issues are different. 

Therefore, we have three different levels to cater for you. 

Inside you'll get a mini-workout series for each level and you will learn which one you are for all further workouts, based on your individual knee challenges you experience. 

With these quick 3 minute workouts you will:

#1: Help You Get Started In Just 3 Minutes.

#2: Get You More Confident To Exercise Without Knee Pain.

#3: Learn How To Add Quick Effective Movement Into Your Day.

#4: Discover The Joy In Pain-free Movement!

Sign up now for free and discover which 'Level' you are!

4 Modules

Level 1 Series

At level 1, you're able to exercise sitting down, but not whilst standing. 
Your knees can cope only with smaller levels of low-intensity exercise and movement. 

Does this sound like you? Give these workouts a go and let's find out!

Level 2 Series

At level 2, you're able to exercise whilst standing or sitting.
You move at a steady, slower pace. 
You can not easily get up and down off the floor to exercise. 

Give these workouts a go to see if this is you!

Level 3 Series

At Level 3, you're able to move at a faster/higher intensity pace. You can get up and down from the floor with relative ease. 
And you're able to put kneeling pressure on your knees. 

Try some or all of these workouts to see if this is you! 

Seated Workouts

Unlock this seated series when you click 'complete' in the Workouts module above!

Modules for this program 4
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