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FREE Bad Knees Mini-Workout Series

It's time to stop having your painful knees as the reason that you are unable to do effective exercise. 

It's time to take back control over your body, to work within your limitations and still achieve the results you are looking for!

Find out below how to get started.

Bad Knees Bootcamp

The only online membership site dedicated to providing effective, safe workouts at home, to those with bad knees!

  • Three ability levels for different levels of bad knees
  • Monthly workout challenges
  • Access to Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Bad Knees Bootcamp
  • Live monthly coaching calls
  • Private community 
  • And more!

Bad Knees Bootcamp - Level 1

Does this sound like you?

My knees are so bad, I can’t really stand up for long to exercise without being in big discomfort. I need to strengthen my whole body, but sitting down to exercise would be best.

Bad Knees Bootcamp - Level 2

Does this sound like you?

My knees are bad enough that I need to exercise at a gentler pace. I can't kneel on my knees and getting down on the floor is hard work. Walking up stairs is a challenge. I want to strengthen my whole body within my current limitations.

Bad Knees Bootcamp - Level 3

Does this sound like you?

My knees hurt when I do higher impact exercise or squats and lunges. I can move at a faster pace and can easily get up and down from the ground if need be. I need home workouts that will strengthen my whole body but not hurt my knees.

The Backyard Bootcamp

The Backyard Bootcamp has been designed for women (and men too for that matter!) who are wanting to find exercise that they can do from anywhere, as part of their lifestyle. 

Not a 6 week program, but rather, exercise that fits in with you. The style is a cross between home and HIIT style workouts that gives you the body you desire and the energy you crave, to live life into an older age functioning at the top of your game. 

The workouts range from 15 - 45 minutes 

Check out what's on offer!

FREE Resource Vault

The name above kinda says exactly what this vault holds for you - tools, planners, cheatsheets and print-offs.
All with the singular purpose of hacking your health for the better!

Drop your name in the box and let's get cracking!

3 with Fi Office Edition

No time to workout?

Like ever??

I'd like to prove you wrong! 

Sign up for the absolute best 3 minute micro-workouts that can be done in the office or your place of work!


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